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The Addictionary

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Welcome to WordZap

The Addictionary Game

WordZap is a fast-paced addictive word game you can play against the computer.    If you like playing word games like Scrabble or Boggle you will love WordZap (and we are not making this up!).  

Download WordZap 7 here
works with Vista thru Windows 10

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[Scam Alert: Don't fall for the "WordZap Retail" Scam
You pay $10 and then you can't download it]

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- Rated  at ZDNet's HotFiles.com  
 - TheUltimate Collection of Winsock Software!at TUCOWS.com and TUKIDS.com
  - Rated  at The Review Page (nice review

WordZap - it's the Addictionary game! 
     - definitions of many obscure words 
     - exercise your brain, build your vocabulary 

What's new in WordZap

- seven-letter words
- keyboard input

- word definitions 

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- Records 

* As you get better at WordZap the computer does too.  Our unique built-in AI provides you with your perfect match - ready to play at any time - never upset if you Zap him into oblivion -  and always bouncing back to give you another hard time!

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